Why do you lose weight by running every day?

According to the living habits and calorie intake of Chinese urban people, it is impossible for most people to lose weight by implementing diet alone, so exercise is very important.

Whether or not exercise can reduce fat, or how fast, involves three factors: exercise frequency, exercise intensity and exercise time. The frequency of exercise is very simple, at least three times a week, so as to accumulate the effect of exercise. Lower than this frequency, to be honest, is equivalent to no movement.

In addition, exercise intensity has a great influence on the effect of reducing fat. Low-intensity exercise can burn fat, but it needs to rely on long-term exercise input, that is to say, fast walking can lose weight, but the length of a exercise may take as long as several hours to achieve the desired effect. It is recommended that the heart rate should be controlled at 60% of (220-age) during aerobic exercise.

Doing three things before meals is more helpful for losing weight.

Many people have recently begun to lose weight by rubbing their hands in order to show better figure in summer. Aerobic exercise, diet control is also indispensable. However, weight loss is really a comprehensive plan, land, sea and air, and there are some details you may have overlooked. Now let’s talk about what we should do before and after meals during weight loss.

During weight loss, you can do some exercise before meals, such as moderate, non-intense exercise, walking, walking and so on, half an hour to one hour before meals. Pre-meal exercise can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, make the stomach better digest food, avoid food accumulation in the body, affect normal excretion. Scientific research also shows that a little exercise before meals can reduce the body’s absorption of sugar and fat in food. These are not only good for losing weight, but also good for health.

Drinking hot soup or water before eating is not only a healthy way of keeping fit, it can soften food and promote digestion, but also can increase satiety, reduce the intake of each meal, which is more conducive to weight loss. So it’s a good choice to drink hot soup or water before meals during weight loss.

Many people eat fruit after meals. In fact, eating fruit immediately after meals is a heavy burden on the body. During weight loss, fruit is recommended to eat before meals, which can increase satiety and reduce the intake of dinner, thus reducing the calorie intake of the human body. It is very helpful to lose weight and lose weight, and it will not bring various risks to the body because of eating fruit after meals. Many fruits also have digestive benefits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc. A banana before meals can also reduce the possibility of constipation.

What are the benefits of evening fitness?

Health is what we all need to do, but some people do not care about our own body, if you are willing to take a little time to exercise at night, it will be for their future accumulation of wealth.

In the evening before you leave work, if you leave late enough, you might as well go to the gym and push-ups on the spot. This should be a good thing to do.

Walking on the road can do “chest enlargement exercise”, two arms outward, do more than a few exercises, has a very good health effect on the body.

Sitting back in the car is, you can move your neck, head can rotate back and forth, this has a good role in protecting the cervical spine.

Jogging is definitely something you’ve tried. Light exercise is very long for your health, so you love light exercise.

Your fitness card is the one you put in the right direction, and it’s the most worthwhile to spend money on your body. You can go to the gym in your spare time.

After exercise, all the fatigue and boredom of the day disappeared, leaving only you want to sleep quietly.

Exercise makes your breathing more even and your brain has better oxygen supply.