Several Disadvantages of Losing Weight by Dieting

The first disadvantage of dieting is that dieting rebounds very quickly because our bodies have good memories. When we start dieting, our bodies do begin to absorb fat inside our bodies as an energy source for exercise and consumption. But after dieting and losing weight, we will immediately get fat back, so dieting and losing weight is actually ineffective.

The second disadvantage is that we may suffer from intolerable stomach problems because of dieting and losing weight. Our stomach is constantly secreting stomach acid. When we start dieting and losing weight, these excess stomach acid will begin to corrode our appetite. Sometimes when we are too hungry, we will feel nausea and stomach ache. This is stomach acid corroding us.

So we know that long-term diet may make us suffer from some diseases. It includes chronic stomach disease, many people say that stomach disease is a lifetime, this sentence has some truth, because after the stomach is damaged, we may have to spend more than ten years to repair and recuperate, so we can calculate to lose weight and not eat. We must not go on a diet to lose weight.

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