Doing three things before meals is more helpful for losing weight.

Many people have recently begun to lose weight by rubbing their hands in order to show better figure in summer. Aerobic exercise, diet control is also indispensable. However, weight loss is really a comprehensive plan, land, sea and air, and there are some details you may have overlooked. Now let’s talk about what we should do before and after meals during weight loss.

During weight loss, you can do some exercise before meals, such as moderate, non-intense exercise, walking, walking and so on, half an hour to one hour before meals. Pre-meal exercise can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, make the stomach better digest food, avoid food accumulation in the body, affect normal excretion. Scientific research also shows that a little exercise before meals can reduce the body’s absorption of sugar and fat in food. These are not only good for losing weight, but also good for health.

Drinking hot soup or water before eating is not only a healthy way of keeping fit, it can soften food and promote digestion, but also can increase satiety, reduce the intake of each meal, which is more conducive to weight loss. So it’s a good choice to drink hot soup or water before meals during weight loss.

Many people eat fruit after meals. In fact, eating fruit immediately after meals is a heavy burden on the body. During weight loss, fruit is recommended to eat before meals, which can increase satiety and reduce the intake of dinner, thus reducing the calorie intake of the human body. It is very helpful to lose weight and lose weight, and it will not bring various risks to the body because of eating fruit after meals. Many fruits also have digestive benefits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc. A banana before meals can also reduce the possibility of constipation.

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