Why do you lose weight by running every day?

According to the living habits and calorie intake of Chinese urban people, it is impossible for most people to lose weight by implementing diet alone, so exercise is very important.

Whether or not exercise can reduce fat, or how fast, involves three factors: exercise frequency, exercise intensity and exercise time. The frequency of exercise is very simple, at least three times a week, so as to accumulate the effect of exercise. Lower than this frequency, to be honest, is equivalent to no movement.

In addition, exercise intensity has a great influence on the effect of reducing fat. Low-intensity exercise can burn fat, but it needs to rely on long-term exercise input, that is to say, fast walking can lose weight, but the length of a exercise may take as long as several hours to achieve the desired effect. It is recommended that the heart rate should be controlled at 60% of (220-age) during aerobic exercise.

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