Losing weight is not equal to losing fat

Although a lot of fatness is due to irrepressible mouth, there is a difference between them. Many fat people are fat because they like sweets, but some fat people do not eat sweets themselves, and they are still fat. This is the difference between being fat and being fat, so find out why you are fat and keep a record of what you eat every day. Knowing what you eat and how much you eat can help you pay more attention to your diet.

Reduce the total daily intake. Reducing calories doesn’t mean skipping meals. You have to eat three meals a day, but start slowly reducing staple foods or replacing staple foods with crude grains and potatoes. Of course, you can also eat less and more meals. You don’t need to eat too much at each meal, but you can eat three to five meals.

Although you don’t need to pay special attention to the weight change after each exercise, you should also understand it periodically. Not every day, because losing weight through exercise is a long-term career, if we pay special attention to short-term results, it will easily lose confidence; but also every other time, weigh the weight to see the changes in weight, to sum up the exercise during this period, but also to see the changes in the body during this period of time, so as to better adhere to.

Drink more water every day. Eight glasses of water a day is no exaggeration. Drink at least 2.5 liters to 3 liters of water a day. Most of the body is water. Muscles also need water. And plenty of water not only promotes metabolism, but also has many benefits.

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